The psalms will never call me again.

Awesome mum is awesome.

A while ago I gathered up the courage to tell my mum that I have a tattoo. First plan was to tell her that I got a girl pregnant then she’d be mad and then tell her that I’m joking but I had a tattoo. It’s a good thing I told her straightforward that I have a new tattoo. Then I showed it to her and she was like “Wushoo! That’s not a real tattoo.” I told her that it is and she was looking at it. I didn’t sense a bit of anger or anything, maybe it’s because she liked the tattoo. Then she told me that I’ll get a hard time finding a job. I told her that I do have a job even though it is part time and if ever i want a full time job then i’d be able to get it. Then I just smiled and walked away.

Tomorrow I’ll tell dad.