The psalms will never call me again.

The Righteous Ones

Vain. Conceited. Self-centered. Hypocrite.

I already wrote something too long for you to not read then something shitty happened to the browser. So I’ll cut the crap and make it short. 

I am a hypocrite for writing this but this Righteous Ones, Oh! You’d love them. They think the world revolves around them. As if the world would cease to exist without their oh so charming self. They think everyone wants a piece of them. And they look at everyone else as a piece of meat. Humping from one poor soul to another. They’re never satisfied. And the problem is always with you. Not them. You. Why blame it on them when they’re too perfect? Just ask them.

This kind would go berserk if you brushed the tip of their soft silky hair wrong. Suddenly they’re the victim. They’d go tell everyone like you showed them your penis or something. They’d rally everyone to their cause. But they’d leave the details of them burning your house down or them selling your soul to the devil. They’re good kids. Perfect, angelic, kind souls. You have to tolerate them but they won’t try to understand you. 

They invented the world. And you should bow down to them. Everything is theirs. Even the thoughts that hasn’t escaped your mind yet is theirs. They will steal ideas, mimic your actions, and they will wear your identity as their own. But hey, you’re at fault. Come on, they invented the world. And they created it so that they could feed on the attention. Oh and you have to acknowledge and approve everything they do or else they’d go and tell mommy and daddy and they wouldn’t want to be your friend anymore. So no more candies for you, you mean guy! Hmph!

So why am I writing this? Because I’m a hypocrite with anger issues, and it’s too hot in my room for me to sleep. 

I Hope They Come In Peace

Last night the power went out. The night was enveloped in darkness and you couldn’t see shit. There was nothing to do but sleep. So I slept. Before I could pass over the dream world I heard a loud noise like a flame being blown out except it was as loud as an airplane taking off. It felt like it was next to my ear and it hurt like hell that I even closed my eyes tight and clenched my fist. 

Then everything ached. Mostly my spine but everything else felt pain. I wanted to curl up but I couldn’t. I thought it was a nightmare but I could clench my fist and bite my tongue. After a few moment I heard a loud noise again, this time it sounded like electricity. It was unbearable. And then finally I had time to breathe.

I couldn’t understand what was happening. If it came from outside my dad would’ve waken up. Is it all in my head? I think aliens are coming for us, man, seriously.

Gusto Mo Taho?

Gusto ko magpahaba ng buhok
tapos papagupitan ko ito
sa hitsurang ayaw ninyo

Gusto ko magpatattoo
sa panahong ito, gusto ko
gusto ko lang paki mo?

Gusto ko wag matulog ng ilang araw
palagi nalang ako tumatakas sa mga panaginip
bakit di ko subukang hayaan ito

Gusto ko magtayo ng kastilyong buhangin sa isla
dun ako maninirahan mag-isa
malayo sa mga tao at komunikasyon

Gusto ko mang-uto, gusto ko mang-gago
ayoko magpanggap na katulad ninyo
kala mo kung sinong biktima pero isa kang hipokrito

Gusto ko maging sigurado
sa mga desisyon ko, sa kung anong meron ako, sa mga nais ko

Grove Is King!

"Grove Street. Home. At least it was before I fucked everything up."

So I guess it’s been 10 years since this game came out, and it was only til recently that I got to play it again and finish it. 

More than a month ago someone sweet downloaded this for me. It was a distraction though. We were having this competition. She did a good job distracting me.

I’ve played this before, a couple of years back, but got stuck on the “Supply Lines” mission. I gave up then after a few days gave it another shot and aced it. There was something with the controls that I didn’t quite configure that’s why I had a problem with it. Next I got trouble with the “Airstrip Missions” and finally gave up.

Now, I’ve beaten this game, twice. First time I did, I cheated on the “Airstrip Missions” because it was a pain in the ass. Well, I cheated on almost all missions involving flying. Then, after that I had a feeling of fulfillment. I saw how beautiful and meaningful gang banging is so I played it again. This time I avoided using cheat codes and after a week I finished it with no cheats. 

Here’s my gangstah after finishing the game. You ain’t no gang banger if you’re not strapped with a double-headed purple dildo.

"I’m the Funktipus and I got my tentacles wrapped around your San Andreas, ain’t my fault."

Soulless Searching

I want

I want
the world
beneath me

I want
something else
other than
this choking
filth in the

I want

I want
scream to oblivion

I want
and be forgotten
when I’m
not remembered
in the first place

I want
to care less

I want
to fear less

I want
to think less

I want
to fucking sleep

Three Cheers For Beers

It’s been
a long
since I had
a drink

I think

I missed
being drunk
and confused

Great talk
with friends

that’s new

My body
feels numb
and I
could die


It’s a good feeling
I missed



I’m feeling



I’m human
and I’m longing
for my girl
in this
cold hearted

My dick’s
on a riot
and we couldn’t
care less
what you
think of us

Seize The Day

I ate
I shat

and I shall do
this again

Love Is Awww And Lust is Ewww Or Maybe It’s The Other Way Around

She’s the sunlight that kisses me in my overslept mornings. She contributes greatly whether I’m going to have a beautiful weekend or a rainy Monday morning. 

She’s the blanket during those cold nights. Wrapped around you, wanting you. I eagerly await her in the dreamworld, where we usually try to escape everyone else. And it is in those dreams that I try to keep her safe. 

She’s the kind of girl that hates the attention but wants it in some weird way. You could see the boys with eyes burning with lust and desire the moment they gaze upon her. Everybody wants her. Boys with their pathetic lust. She tells me, assures me, that she’s all mine from time to time. I’d feel a weird sense of comfort with her words. Sometimes her words could even calm my anger in a way. Her words combined with her soothing touch, her mortal flesh, and soul intertwining with every part of me is a such wanted haven. And even after the sex has lost its taste I would still admire her, I will still be amazed. I do think (and want to think) I still would. Unlike the lustful eyes owned by the vain cowards. Always wanting her, always lusting over, always wanting but never needing. They lust over her and after they’ve had their fill and satisfied their vanity they would go on to the next one treating every piece of woman like another piece of meat. They are not ashamed of this but rather they are proud. They think it’s “macho”, they think it is required of them. But in reality they’re cowards. Vain unsatisfied cowards. And I wouldn’t let those kind of people get their hands on her. I can see through them. People who wear masks. People slowly trying to achieve their pretentious plans, whatever it takes. They will pose as friends, as lovers, as admirers but they’re more spineless than snakes coiled and waiting for their strike.

She’s the reason for feeling too much and saying too little. 

Chuck Said It Better

People are trying not to be robots but in a way they are slaves to conformity. Trying to be “unique”, trying to “go against the flow”. But the truth is they’re the same worthless puppet manipulated by everyone else shitting above them. 

"Oh I’m so unique because I listen to this kind of song that no one else is listening to except the 1,103 viewers on youtube and I hope they don’t become mainstream and shit." 

"Oh look at me so cool in my thrift shop combat boots fuck everyone that says so otherwise."

Oh oh oh! Fuck you! Fuck me! Fuck each and every one of you pathetic assholes. 

You guys aren’t robots, you guys are just a knot, a screw of someone else. You’re trying to be that robot. You all look like shit eating shit and I’m the disgusting fly watching and concerning myself with the likes of you. 

Fuck you all to your desperate fucking graves you sick servile knot fucking pieces of unwanted shit of the world.

Thank you and have a nice day! xoxo

"I got troubled thoughts
And the self-esteem to match
What a catch, what a catch”